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Our Services

Stainless Steel Manifolds

We are producing many different variants.

Freshwater stations

Centralized or decentralized solutions for hot water – “Just in time”

Welded heating Manifolds

Production according to drawing or sketch.

Industrial Applications

Flow control is our topic!

Our domestic hot water modules


The hot water is heated only “just in time” if needed.

Water heating

through a heat plate exchanger in x-flow principle.

High efficiency pump

A speed controlled high effic. pump provides the required heating water quantity from buffer to plate exchanger.


Quick and precise regulation of the tapping temperature.


Fast and highly accurate control processes are possible, because of the use of advanced sensors. A Vortex flow sensor is used for flow and hot water measurement.

Circulation module (only in FW-40 EZ)

The second pump is a high-efficiency domestic water circulation pump. Intelligent controlled by pulse, time and temperature.