DHW module FW-E 60


FW-E 60

  • for centralized DHW heating with flow principle and high-efficiency pumps

Dimensions (WxHxD): 480 x 675 x 240 mm

Drinking water
Pressure rating: PN 6 PN 10
Max. temperature: 110 °C 75 °C
Connection dimensions: DN 32 DN 20
Connection threads: 1¼" female thread 1" male thread

Our DHW units FW-E 60 are heating the domestic water centrally and are supplying it via hot water pipeline to the domestic water tapping points. A buffer tank is necessary in order to provide the required heating water quantity for heating the domestic water! The DHW water is only heated when “Just in Time” is requested. There is no storage of hot water!


Performance characteristics: PI1* PI2*
DHW capacity: 150 KW 150 KW
Mass flow primary: 2922 kg/h 2628 kg/h
Supply temperature: 60 °C 70 °C
Return temperature: 16 °C 21 °C
DCW / DHW temperature: 10 °C / 45 °C 10 °C / 60 °C
Tap performance: 61 l/min 42 l/min

*PI1 = Performance indicator 1 (water temperature set to 45°C, primary supply temperature 60°C, cold water temperature 10°C)
*PI2 = Performance indicator 2 (water temperature set to 60°C, primary supply temperature 70°C, cold water temperature 10°C)