Underfloor-heating manifold DYNA-if



  • with automatic flow control and flow indicator


Manifold: Stainless steel AISI 304
Dimension: DN32 stainless steel profile, 1330 mm² cross-sectional area
Connections: 1" female threads on both sides
Supply: Flowmeter
Return: Built-in control valves with integrated flow control
• automatic flow control
• infinitely variable flow setting 30-300 l/h
• differential pressure max. 60 kPA, min. 15 kPA (30-150 l/h) up to 20 kPA (150-300 l/h)
• M30x1.5 mm threads
• with handwheel
• ready for electrothermic actuators
Connections: Secondary, ¾" male Eurocone, center distance 50 mm
Pressure stage/ system: PN6 for heating systems with water quality according to VDI 2035

Stainless steel manifold packages for underfloor heating include supply manifold and return manifold, each with two ½” outlet connections with female threads for air vents and fill/drain valves. The manifold is assembled in noise reducing brackets. Delivered in a box with stickers and manual.