DHW station BM-H



  • for home heating and decentralized DHW heating and with step a valve technology


Heating primary
Buffer tank
Heating secondary

Drinking water
Pressure stage: PN 6 PN 6 PN 10
Max. temperature: 90 °C 60 °C 75 °C
Connection dimensions: DN 25 DN 20 DN 20
Threads: 1" female threads ¾" female threads ¾" female threads

Drinking water heating using the flow principle:

The DHW is heated up in the flow principle only during demand via a stainless steel plate heat exchanger. A temperature and flow sensor based on the vortex principle determines the flow rate and the hot water temperature. The controller regulates the necessary heating energy for the plate exchanger via a step a valve stepper motor valve. The plate exchanger is not kept warm. This avoids unnecessary circulation loss and effectively prevents increased legionella formation.