Wiring unit TT-KL8-230 Switch


Wiring unit
TT-KL8-230 Switch

  • pre-wired with acutator eco-STA 230V

Our pre-assembled manifold stations save you valuable time on the construction site. The manifold stations are individually pre-assembled according to your wishes. They are delivered to your construction site on time and ready for connection. No on-site assembly required and no more missing components.

  • for 2 to 8 zones
  • pre-wired with acutator eco-STA 230V (1 piece per zone)
  • with integrated pump module, assignable, 230V
  • other wiring units are available on request

Already assembled in the station.

Specifications TT-KL8-230 Switch:

Dimensions (WxHxD): 90 x 327 x 50 mm
Zones: 8
Voltage: 24 V / 230 V
Operating action: NC/NO
Max. input: 50 W
Max. room thermostats: 8
Optional heating programs: 2