Mini fresh water station piccolo

Mini fresh water station


  • decentralized drinking water heating via a stainless steel plate heat exchanger


Type: M / XL
Pressure stage: Heating: PN6 / drinking water: PN 10
Supply temperature heating water: max. 90 °C
Setpoint temperature drinking water: 30-60 °C
Cold water pressure: 2.0 bar
Connection dimensions: Heating DN 20, ¾" female threads / Drinking water DN 15/20, ½", ¾" female threads

The piccolo mini fresh water station is used as a DHW station for multi-storey buildings and single-family houses.

Water heating using the flow principle:
The DHW is heated up in the flow principle only during demand via a stainless steel plate heat exchanger. In heating systems equipped with a buffer the heating water is pumped through the heat exchanger according to pressure loss during the tap process and with the help of a central regulated circulation pump.

Control function:
The central control element is the proportional controller PM without external energy. It regulates the heating water volume flow that is required to heat up the drinking water. The adjustment lever on the proportional controller is used to set the DHW temperature. The temperature standby valve prevents stagnation in the supply line.