Module NE


Module NE

  • BM-F / BM-WP 4 with step a valve technology and electrical reheating
  • decentralized drinking water heating using the flow principle with electrical reheating
  • electronically controlled instantaneous water heater for reheating accurate to the degree, temperature setting 20 – 60 °C
  • possibility of very low heating flow temperatures of 35 – 45 °C, therefore the heat pump has a good COP value


Pre-heating Electrical reheating Mixing temperature
Supply primary: 38 °C x x
Heating volumen flow: 831 l/h x x
Power: 17,4 kW 12,6 kW x
DHW: 10,0 l/min 10,0 l/min 15,3 l/min
DHW temperature: 35 °C 53 °C 38 °C
DW temperature: 10 °C 35 °C x
Total power: x 30 kW 30 kW

Pressure stage heating/sanitary: PN 6 / PN 10
Max. heating temperature: 90 °C
Electr. connection for electr. IWM: 3 ~/ PE 400 V AC 20 A, 13,5 kW
Cable profile minimum: 2,5 mm2 bei 13,5 kW

Drinking water heating using the flow principle and electrical reheating:

The DHW is heated up in the flow principle only during demand via a stainless steel plate heat exchanger as well as via the integrated electric instantaneous water heater.

A temperature and flow sensor based on the vortex principle determines the flow rate and the hot water temperature. The controller regulates the necessary heating energy for the plate exchanger via a step a valve stepper motor valve for the first temperature rise of the drinking water. The electric instantaneous water heater can adjust the second temperature rise (the reheating) adequately to the desired tap temperature (40 – 60 °C) via the integrated electronic control.

After finishing the tapping process, the step a valve stepper motor valve is closed immediately and the instantaneous water heater stops reheating.